Global Hand Washing Day Celebrated!

Hand Washing Day Success!

Over the past two weeks, Communities Rising participated in Global Handwashing Day. Global Handwashing Day is a initiative to teach children about proper hand washing technique, the basis for good hygiene and the first line of defense against infection. This year all of CR’s sites celebrated Handwashing Day. Layna Gatling, a Public Health major, visited each site and talked about the importance of hand washing, when to wash, and proper hand washing technique. The students then were coached and got a chance to show their hand washing skills off to the teachers while receiving practical instruction. Handwashing is also becoming a part of the CR after school’s regular program, with students washing hands before having their afternoon snack. This is to create good habits that students will bring home and impact the whole community. Watch the video that CR students created with the help of Modern Story interns Dana Anderson and Emily Kwong.


Students listening closely to why hand washing is important

Getting instruction on proper technique...

Teachers involved as well!

Many places the whole community was there to learn....

Clean Hands and Smiles.



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